“My God Is Faithful” – Nigerian Woman Welcomes First Child After 9 I.V.Fs And 3 Miscarriages

After nine years of waiting, a Nigerian woman has described all that happened before she gave birth. Tinuade Soile, a Nigerian fashion designer, wrote on social media about her nine-year journey to become a mother and how God ultimately sent her a newborn boy.

Soile confessed in a message on her Instagram page that she has had 9 IVF procedures, had 3 losses, and is still hoping and praying to become a baby.

So many years of searching in vain, with so many failed attempts. With the early rays of hope, not yet happy, they could not keep their children with them after miscarriages. There is nothing sadder than when the dream of becoming a mother and father, building a small family is so difficult for them. And then God also heard and felt that sincerity. A small son appeared and was at her side safely throughout her pregnancy.

Before God eventually blessed her marriage with a safe delivery on May 13, when she welcomed her first kid, the baby’s name is Asher Modadeola Oluwaseun Soile, she underwent fibroid surgery as well. Tinuade, who posted pictures of herself with her husband before and after giving birth, asserts that God is genuinely obedient.

“And on May 13, 2021, God remembered Tinuade Soile. Yesterday my husband and I named our first child after 9 years of waiting and praying.

“9 I.V.F., 3 Miscarriage, 1 Fibroid Surgery, Multiple Procedures, 5 months in bed. My God Is Truly Faithful. If He said He would. His words said that I was a wrong vine and it happened. Hallelujah!!!!!

You are our all hope, I am always grateful for your presence. And also understand the couples who are like us, day by day, hour by hour looking for children. Keep hoping and don’t give up on you, I’ll come to you. But for some reason I didn’t show up. Try to be patient!

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