Mum Was Shock After Giving Birth To One In 200milion Identical Triplets

A first-time mum has given birth to one-in-200 million identical triplets.

Zahra and her fiancé Ashraf Reid, 29, first discovered the triplets at her 12-week scan. The couple, from Nottingham, East Midlands, both have twins in their family, but never expected Zahra to be pregnant with triplets.

28-year-old Zahra Amirabadi will be living with Roya, Adina, and Sefia as of the 12th day of 2020. I have news to share with you that may surprise you, the doctor stated as the scan began. I quickly assume the worse; I consider the possibility that my heart may not be beating or something similar.

At first, all the doctors thought we might have twins, a boy and then a girl. They confirmed they were all girls at scan 17, so luckily we didn’t buy a lot of clothes or anything before that. When they were born, they looked very similar, so we did a test and the results showed they were all identical.

Two of the babies, Roya and Adina, share a placenta. Sefia, meanwhile, is alone. “The egg split once earlier in the pregnancy so she got her own placenta, then the second split happened a little further, but they were all from the same egg.”

Because she was pregnant with triplets, Zahra was often tired, napping twice a day, and at night, she couldn’t sleep. On my 24th week, the doctor said I was pregnant with the equivalent of a 37-week baby.

The first time I heard my baby cry, I started to cry, and then I did it again. It was so lovely. Hearing that everyone is in good health and that I can have direct skin-to-skin touch is wonderful. Roya was born weighing 5lb 10oz, Adina was 5lb 2oz, and Sefia was the smallest at 4lb 4oz.

We have all planned for an open birth, welcoming 3 little angels. But I’m happy that the babies are born safe and healthy, I’m so glad they were born, but I didn’t think it would be that great.

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