Mum Gives Birth To Triplets After Tragic Miscarriage Made Her Almost Give Up On Pregnancy

Given the emotions and anguish she and her boyfriend had had, Niketa Bell initially declined the second round of IVF. After four years of trying, a woman suffered a loss and has decided that her second IVF will be her last before giving birth to the “miracle” triplets. After learning that her husband, Mark Bell, 30, had a congenital abnormality that made it impossible to have children naturally, Niketa Bell, 25, struggled to conceive. Yet after a few years of trying without success, the couple decided to try IVF. After the first round, Niketa became pregnant, but the couple’s happiness was short-lived when she announced a miscarriage at 12 weeks in May 2018.

She underwent a second round of in vitro fertilization due to emotional reasons, and both she and Mark suffered. She mustered the guts to give it one last go, though, and in September of last year became pregnant once more. Because IVF was so challenging, I always vowed to never do the procedure again, Niketa said. That is challenging and upsetting. I told Mark after the first round that I didn’t really want to go through it again. My body was so severely harmed by medicines and other things. I was experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and was very emotional. While I promised myself that would be the last time, I still went ahead and did it. The Carlisle couple, to their amazement, Cumbria, have discovered that they have been blessed with not one but three little “miracles” and now have everything they ever wanted.

On April 7, the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle welcomed their newborns Lola, Jacob, and Tommy, who were delivered eight weeks early by emergency cesarean section. When Lola Frances was born for the first time, she weighed only 3 pounds. Her identical twins Jacob Douglas and Tommy James arrived next, each weighing 3 pounds, 8 ounces. But, pictures shot last Thursday (May 2) show the group for the first time at home following their hospital discharge. “I couldn’t understand until I actually saw them in the incubator and I realized ‘they’re mine,” said Niketa, a healthcare worker at Cumberland Hospital. Finally, my husband and I had a child. My husband and I have been incredibly fortunate.

Four years ago, the couple began trying for a child, but they soon realized there was a problem since Mark has a congenital abnormality that causes him to have only one ejaculator instead of two. Even though Niketa was advised she would need to gain weight to qualify, they went to their local doctor for assistance and were given a referral to an I.V.F. therapy. Niketa fell pregnant in March of last year, but she was able to cope with the loss of the couple’s first child at 12 weeks.

“Everything we ever wanted is now ours. If I’m being completely honest with you, words can’t even begin to convey how it feels like a dream and how you keep expecting to wake up. He say

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