Mum Gives Birth In Front Seat Of Car After Police Escort To Hospital

Hannah, who was traveling with Lewis Jones, 32, and his father, left earlier than usual, but she still didn’t arrive at the hospital in time; as a result, she gave birth to Alice Violet Jones in the front passenger seat. The police accompanied the father-in-car.

Hannah Dade made the decision to leave her Barry home when her contractions were five minutes apart rather to the three to four minutes advised for pregnancy since she was aware of how rapidly she went into labor when she gave birth to her first child Rosie. They have plenty time to travel to Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales.

It’s so fast and weird, it’s like a movie. My wife started contractions and on April 14, it came two days before her due date. Hannah is playing with her eldest daughter in the garden, the weather is very nice today. Together we took these beautiful pictures as a souvenir. As I looked at my swellings, I suddenly realized something was wrong, and contractions started coming in.

“We live about 20 minutes from Heath and we were told we needed to leave to get there when my contractions came every three to four minutes”.

My wife and I decided to go to the hospital earlier than expected, because her first daughter was born very quickly. At that time on the way I lost 10 cm, so this time we tried to move earlier. Halfway to the hospital, Hannah broke her water. People pulled over to the side of the road to wait for the ambulance to arrive.

The policemen came around to where I was sitting, they said they would give us the green light to get to the hospital in time. There were 4 people driving in front of and behind our car with sirens, to notify people of priority lanes.

The labor came rushing in, I was aware of everything that was happening at the time. Between contractions, I could see police cars all around. There was an ambulance waiting in front of the hospital to prepare to pick up the family. Upon arrival Hannah said doctors tried to encourage her to use a wheelchair, but she said it was too late and the baby appeared to be coming out.

Arriving at the hospital 6 minutes, the baby girl was born in the front seat of the car parked outside the antenatal ward. Everything was great, the baby was delivered safely and laid on my chest. My mother and I were put on the bed and pushed into the hospital. She was still attached to the umbilical cord, when she entered the delivery room she was cut and I was skin-to-skin with my daughter.

Alice was born at 1:20 a.m. Wednesday, April 15, weighing 7lb 2oz, and she and Hannah spent another night in the hospital room before going home on Thursday.

The couple would want to thank the wonderful midwives and staff at the University Hospital of Wales’ maternity section, saying, “You honestly have no idea how much your professionalism and kindness are appreciated. I greatly appreciate it.

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