Mum Forced to Give Birth Driveway After Being Sent Away From Hospital

After being turned away by a hospital, a mother was compelled to deliver her baby in her driveway. The physician encouraged Hannah Mitchell to “cool down and go home” even though she was in considerable pain. When she arrived at Walsall Manor Hospital, she was in so much pain that she “felt she was dying” and was having a lot of contractions. Nevertheless, she was taken aback when the midwife, who she later described as “condescending,” took her and her partner Phil Bryan outside after informing her she wasn’t ready to give birth. On December 30, Hannah and Phil had to take their bags back to their car and drive the four miles to their house in Walsall, West Midlands.

Nevertheless, as soon as they pulled up to the house, Hannah’s water broke in the passenger seat, forcing Phil, 38, to give birth to their daughter while working as a midwife. Before safely delivering baby Ruby-Lu, who weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces, next to their Mocha Vauxhall cake, Phil called 999 and spoke with the call handlers about the delivery.

At 2:22 a.m., eight minutes after paramedics arrived on the scene, the mother and child were escorted back to Walsall Manor for a checkup. Hannah now wonders why the pair was first turned down despite her early labor symptoms, severe pain, and want to push.

At Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Hannah, a dental specialist nurse, said: “The entire experience was terrible. I believe Phil and I are both in disbelief about what happened, but we are both doing okay. I don’t believe I’ve gotten any lower. The umbilical cord was torn at my birth so that there could be blood. I kept imagining how things may play out, but thankfully Ruby-Lu and I are both secure and protected.

In the morning of December 29, Hannah dialed the hospital’s triage line three times after she started having painful contractions. She was instructed to remain at home due to the irregularity of the contractions. regularly. After the bleeding, Hannah couldn’t wait any longer and began heading to the hospital at 12:45 a.m. hospital. When they arrived at the delivery room, Hannah was examined by a midwife and then sent home after being told to ‘calm down’ as she was only 1cm dilated.

The mother of two continued, “My suffering was quite severe. On the third call, I was unable to wait any longer due to the rudeness of the woman we spoke with on the phone. I need to go to the hospital. At one point, I believed I was going to pass out from the pain, and I simply wanted to push through.

In eight minutes, four paramedics and two ambulances came. They all do a great job and look out for Ruby-Lu and her mother. The hospital’s post-operative treatment was excellent as well, I believe because they felt guilty about how we had previously been handled. The following morning, when I went to wash the car, it resembled something from a CSI movie, and I was told to phone Phil Wife’ by everyone in the village.”

Later that day, the mother and kid were released from the hospital and went home with Millie-Anne, 14, and Mya, 10, the couple’s other two children from prior relationships. Ruby-Lu is an absolute dream, said Hannah. She is a true miracle since she can eat, sleep, and unwind. She is truly ideal. She is making everyone she encounters happy, and I have a very large family. I did it with Phil, and we have that great memory to always remember it.

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