Mum, 24, Gave Birth To Second Child At The Side Of A Road In Her Sister’s Car

A 24-year-old woman has related the “scary” tale of giving birth on the side of the road in her sister’s car. When Lorien Williams’ water broke 10 days before her due date last summer, her sister Deanna drove her to the hospital. Harper-Rae, Lorien’s second child, decided she couldn’t wait any longer to board the vehicle, and although Ms. Hayley’s mother was also a passenger, it was obvious the family wouldn’t make it to their destination. into the universe. Lorien first chose to wait four hours before going to the hospital after her water broke since she was caring for her 3-year-old daughter Ruby and was told to do so by medical personnel arriving because she only had amniotic fluid “Drip”.

She acted on that advise and twice visited Singleton Hospital, but each time she was sent home. After that night, though, she began to experience pain. Lorien stated to WalesOnline that she was currently living at home with her mother, sister, and aunt. “I was in so much pain as we left the house, and my sister said she would drive me to the hospital and my mother would stay with me while my aunt prepared to care for my oldest daughter, Ruby, who is three. I see now that we were there for far too long to actually reach the hospital. My sister took the wheel as soon as we were in the car. I began shouting and yelling that I needed to push as we walked along the road.

When Lorien suddenly switched from being fine to needing assistance getting into the car, Deanna pulled over and dialed 911. Hayley, a 54-year-old mother, recalled: “There was one minute she (Lorien) was fine – leaping into the ball in the house like it was nothing. As Lorien started yelling in pain and announcing the impending birth, I was in the back with her. I said that we needed to stop since I was confident we wouldn’t there on time. We stopped, I got out, and helped Lorien to the front of the vehicle as Deanna dialed 999, and that’s when things started to get wild. On the phone, the paramedics instructed me to place my hands between her legs so the baby wouldn’t get out too quickly.Fortunately, before we left the house, we found a blanket on the chair.

“While I was constantly by my daughters’ sides during their deliveries, I never actually gave birth on my own. My five cesarean sections total five. I had never even experienced childbirth. I feel like I have absolutely no experience, but in that situation, I believe you should just operate automatically, you know? Rae arrived, which was incredible. The rope was already around her neck when I tried to pick her up to present to my daughter.

On August 9, at 3:06 a.m., Lorien gave birth to Harper-Rae, and shortly after, an ambulance arrived to take her and the baby to the hospital. Lorien reflected on her unexpected birth and said: “Being there was terrifying because were no specialists there”.

“I was worried that the baby would die, but I’m glad my mom and sister were there. We’re close anyway but it feels like this experience has brought us closer together. . I don’t know what I would do without them. The past six months have been wonderful. Harper-Rae is as good as gold and always smiling.”

Hayley – now a grandmother of nine – added: “For days after giving birth, I was in complete shock. It was a very emotional but also terrifying experience.

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