Mother Who Had Triplets Naturally At Age 41 Says She Had Even Given Up On Being A Mother

Gisele Macedo recounts the incident of coming across three kids when they were en route and how the daily routine at home functions. “Our children’s development, their interaction with us, and their observation of us make up for all the exhaustion,” she remarked. Women experience motherhood in a variety of unique and perhaps unexpected ways. Gisele Macedo, an account executive in foreign commerce, had a triple dose of surprise. She has always desired to have children, but she believes that at age 41, it will be more difficult for her to conceive naturally. I gave up trying to have kids,” the expert admitted. She and her 42-year-old dentist husband Gustavo Menezes learned they were expecting triplets earlier this year.

Gisele, a Sao Paulo native, had no desire to have kids. She underwent surgery to address her endometriosis three months prior to getting pregnant. She is now 42 years old. “We ultimately became pregnant over the holiday season. She arrived late in January, and when I tested, it was positive. When I told Gustavo I was worried at first, he was overjoyed, his mother recalls. Gisele received her first ultrasound at five weeks pregnant. The doctor told the pair to come back in two weeks when the gestational sac was evident at that time. The couple learned that there were in fact two gestational sacs and two heartbeats when they went back for a consultation. “I was terrified and had only ever dreamed of becoming a mother twins,” she said.

The babies didn’t stop there, though! The two were told they were expecting quadruplets when they got back from their trip, but one baby did not survive since the two babies shared a gestational sac. So Gisele kept the group. The CEO claims that her pregnancy went smoothly and that she had meticulous prenatal care, mostly because she was identified as having thrombophilia. She said, “I lost a child before I found out. To avoid miscarriage, she continually injected medications throughout her pregnancy. Gisele encountered various issues near the conclusion of her pregnancy. Doctors opted for the cesarean section procedure due to pictures showing increased pressure during pregnancy. To prevent complications, they must first wait for the mother’s platelet count to rise abnormalities during surgery.

Giovana, Gabriel, and Guilherme, three newborn infants, were born on July 20, 2022, at 30 weeks and 6 days gestation. The infants were put right in an incubator because they were born early. I didn’t give them a hug when they were born, the mother regretted. Young Gabriel’s condition was a little more concerning at the time because he was unable to breathe on his own. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit housed the group for 48 days. This is a very trying time for Gisele. “It hurts to watch kids with wires all over them,” the mother remarked. The executive claims that despite this challenging time, hospital workers have been quite supportive and have shown her how to build a routine with newborns. I also have time to recover,” she points out.

Now, with her children at home, the mother says she has faced a very busy postpartum period. After all, taking care of three kids is not easy! Physically, however, she reports that she feels recovered. As for her daily life at home, she tries to address her child’s needs and shares that with her followers on her Instagram profile. “As a mother of triplets, my biggest challenge is taking care of all the babies and giving them what they need. Another point is maternal exhaustion, which no one notices,” Gisele confided. “But watching my children grow up, interacting with us, looking at us like that, I forgot how tired I was. That’s a lot of love! she finished

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