Mother Painted The Same Birthmark That Her Son Has On His Face So That He Does Not Have To Feel Different

Son Enzo, one year old, was born with a dark birthmark on his forehead and down one side of his nose. And the birthmark almost covers almost half of this lovely boy’s face. The boy was too young to notice any glances or comments, but Carolina wanted to feel firsthand what her child was going through. So that it will be easier to understand you, and go through everything with you.

To better comprehend what her son was going through, she asked makeup artist Elaine Ricci to duplicate Enzo’s birthmark on her face before she started her day. Carolina admits that it was challenging at first to perceive and experience how society was viewing her son with pity, scorn, fear, and perhaps disgust. Although I adore my son dearly, he is too young to experience these stigmas. Understanding what those around you say later on when they are older will be even more terrible.

But even if it’s difficult, my husband and I continue to act normally and we’ll always be true to who we are. We will work to help him realize that, despite his signals, he is an ordinary youngster who is loved by many people, just like the others, if they experience revulsion, curiosity, or fear. I never perceived him as being unique; rather, I saw him as a typical young boy whom I wanted to present to everyone.

I absolutely adore his birthmark, to the point where I briefly considered getting one of my own. I requested a buddy who is a makeup artist to give me the exact Enzo appearance because I wanted to express my love for Enzo in this way. Here, near Mother’s Day, a makeover and picture session were held in honor of Enzo, the best gift from God I’ve ever received.

Enzo is happy to see a replica of his birthmark on Carolina, who thinks it is a touching experience. I was in tears after I finished applying my makeup because I thought I was the most stunning lady alive,” she claimed. Enzo was almost completely joyous when I returned home, but he wasn’t quite. He must like the way I act.

Our morning was enjoyable and we took many of pictures. I finished photographing the picture and then I began applying makeup. Many people give me varied looks, but I maintain my composure because I feel like the world’s most proud mother. My feeling has remained with me ever since, despite the fact that I wore makeup up until I went to bed that evening.

Our morning was enjoyable and we took many of pictures. I finished photographing the picture and then I began applying makeup.

Many people look at me with different eyes, but I stay calm because I feel like the proudest mother in the world. I kept my makeup on until I went to bed that night, but my feeling has stayed with me ever since.”

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