Mother Is Surprised When Her Newborn Baby Has The Same Skin Color As Taro

As a mother, when you are pregnant, you just want your baby to be born healthy. In addition to health issues, the baby’s appearance must also be very concerned by parents. Who the baby looks like, is it pretty, pretty or ɴᴏᴛ is what the adults in the family usually think of first. In many cases, parents have been disappointed. They even cried when I saw my newborn baby looking so “ugly”.

A Cḩіᶇᶒᶊᶒ mother was in a similar situation. The mother was so surprised that she burst into tears. Her daughter’s complexion has a dark purple-red-red-violet tint that reminds her of the color of a taro root.

Furthermore, the baby’s head is still quite long, which is not at all adorable. She worriedly inquired of the doctor, who assured her that her kid was perfectly healthy and normal.

Skin color is also not a sign of any medical condition, as the baby grows older, those problems will also disappear. Although the doctor confirmed that the baby was completely normal, in her heart, this mother was still worried and depressed. And so on until her daughter was 3 months old, looking at her appearance.

But surprisingly, just a few months later, the baby “metabolized” miraculously, making everyone surprised and happy. Until her daughter was 3 months old, looking at her baby’s appearance, comparing it with photos when she was born, this mother immediately smiled like a flower.

Her daughter had a round face with plump cheeks, huge round eyes, and a beautiful mouth, and her skin had nearly totally transformed.

The baby’s complexion, which had previously been purple and purple but had now turned white and pink, made her immensely pleased. It is clear that most newborn infants do not have the glamorous and attractive appearance that parents desire.

And this is why infants aren’t particularly attractive. One is that bathing newborn infants in amniotic fluid for too long causes wrinkled skin and enlarged eyes. That’s because they’ve been soaking in the womb’s  amniotic flui for so long. When the skin of the infant is exposed to the outside air, it wrinkles.

Then there’s the malformed head that occurs with normal birth. Because newborns’ skulls are squeezed during delivery, they are frequently deformed, flattened, or unusually long. The baby’s head will return to its normal shape after a while, so parents do not need to worry.

In the movies, babies seem to emerge from the womb looking pink and squeaky clean…but the reality is sometimes a little bit messier. Many babies enter the world with bits of a thick, white substance, known as vernix caseosa, covering their skin or hiding in their deep folds.

Vernix is a protective coating that forms on baby’s skin in utero. It is a thick, greasy substance made of water, fatty acids, and proteins, and it creates a moisturizing barrier for your baby’s skin. After all, being surrounded by amniotic fluid is a little like living in a swimming pool! The vernix protects and hydrates Baby’s delicate skin so that it does not chap or wrinkle.

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