Mother, 38, Who Believed She’d Lost Her Quadruplets After 16 Previous Miscarriages Reveals How She Learned Twins Had Survived After Her ‘Late Grandfather Told Her She Was Still Pregnant In A Dream’

Emma White, 38, from Liverpool, finally gave birth to her daughter Mollie Rose, 12, after suffering 16 miscarriages over 20 years, she decided never to try again, to avoid further heartbreak. However in 2020, she learned she was pregnant with twins but tragically at a scan, she was told she had suffered a miscarriage at six weeks. One month later, doctors told her that far from miscarrying the babies, she had actually naturally conceived quads.

When she was 9 weeks pregnant she started bleeding again, she rushed to the hospital for a checkup and had a condition called vanishing twin syndrome and she is still expecting twins.

At 37 weeks pregnant, she gave birth to 2 healthy baby girls – 5lb 2oz Aurora Azalea and 5lb 11oz Ophelia Lili on October 2, 2021 at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

She decided never to try again after giving birth to her daughter in 2010, hoping to avoid experiencing more heartache. That is, until she met her husband-to-be, Joe White, a 41-year-old jewelry importer, in 2019.

In Emma’s case, she lost one of each set of identical twins – leaving her with two non-identical twins – and had an embryo transfer. Disappearing twin syndrome occurs when one of several twins dies in utero and the normal embryos are then reabsorbed into the body.I adore being a twin mother, Emma remarked. It’s not for everyone, but I value each and every day. Despite the fact that the girls are already three months old, it still feels like a miracle.

I simply want all the women to know that there’s no shame in it, she continued. There are a lot of us that struggle, believe we are fake, and fear every pregnancy. I want my tale to inspire some hope.

Emma, who has a following of 35,000 on Facebook due to her work, said she could not have got through he ordeal without her social media friends – especially the stranger who offered to be her surrogate.

She said: ‘It was all during the pandemic, so I couldn’t give my friends and family hugs like I wanted to. All the messages and support of my followers really got me through.

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