Mom Thinks She’s Given Birth To Normal Baby Girl, Then She Opens Her Mouth To Cry

Samantha Lines and her partner, Jason Doombs, tried for years to get pregnant before finally seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy test. Although Ella-Rose was born in perfect health, Samantha’s midwives were astounded by what they witnessed when she opened her mouth to cry. Samantha and Jacob recently learned they were expecting after years of trying.

Samantha had to deliver their daughter through C-section when she went into labor with her. Even the midwives were taken aback when Ella-Rose opened her mouth. Ella-Rose, the adorable young girl, was born with a very unusual condition. Two little white teeth could be seen on her bottom jaw and inside her tiny mouth. Little Ella-Rose was born with teeth that were already erupting, when most babies don’t begin teething until they are around six months old.

“I was totally hooked on all the morphine and the other painkillers,” Samantha recalls. Suddenly a midwife said my baby had two front teeth. It was a complete surprise. ”

It didn’t really get in that this was a one-of-a-kind thing until I entered and someone told me. This occurs quite infrequently, the physicians informed me. So now. Samantha needs to learn how to nurse in addition to learning how to be a new mother.

For the most part, anything considered a “shock” during a pregnancy or birth is not a good thing. Parents expect things to go exactly as it says in the books, but most parents are in for a surprise when a baby is on the way. That was definitely the case for this couple.

Now, in addition to taking care of their children, they also learn how to breastfeed when the baby has teeth, and even how to clean the baby’s teeth.

Her tooth is just small,” Samantha said, “so hopefully it won’t hurt too much. I got calluses in extreme cases, but it seems fine now.” The doctors warned Samantha and Jason that Ella-Rose’s teeth could fall out, posing a choking hazard.

Even though we’re all learning, it’s clear that Samantha and Jason will be great parents to Ella-Rose.


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