Incredible Moment: Mom Delivers Her Own Twins During C-section

A mother made the extraordinary decision to deliver her own twins when she gave birth, even though she would have to undergo a cesarean section to meet her baby. Like many other mothers when it comes to giving birth, Gerri Wolfe can’t help but worry. Worry about your own health to ensure the surgery, worry about the safety and health of your children. After all, she went through the same procedure nine more times. Except now she wants things to be different, the doctor informs her that she is going to have a caesarean section. This will be her fifth delivery. Maybe that’s why she decided to make herself more “personal”.

She read about mother-assisted caesarean section on the Internet and asked her doctor to deliver her baby that way. She wants to be the first to lift her baby into a new world, where previously they only knew that the small world revolved around only in the womb. He was skeptical, but when the 41-year-old insisted, he researched and agreed. And will conduct careful preparation for the birth team to be convenient and safe.

Therefore, in New South Wales, Australia, three days before Christmas, Wolfe pulled her tenth and eleventh children, Matilda and Violet, from the womb on her own. They put gloves on her hands as she entered the operation room and warned her not to move them until the doctor instructed her to. In order to protect both her and her children, she is not permitted to touch anything and must keep her hands perfectly sterile.

After performing all the basic steps for a cesarean section, the doctor makes an incision. He said to her, “And now you can hold your baby.” She reached into her stomach and pulled the two children out, placing them on her chest. There is nothing happier than being able to hold the children by yourself, to see the little angels in the flesh, not through an ultrasound screen or through photos. Very happy that the operation was successful, her health condition is stable, the children have a successful and safe birth.

The photos are shocking but at the same time show the strength of this woman as well as her desire and love for her children. The women, their mothers are extraordinary. Because their children can do anything, bigger and stronger than that. Above all, of course, they show the wonder of this life.

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