Given No Chance Of Survival, A Baby Born With A Half-Heart Is Now Living A Normal Life.

Despite having only half of her heart functioning at birth, the miraculous three-month-old Dorothea Fenrych-Velez is now developing normally. a newborn with unusually high activity.

When she was pregnant, her mother always went for regular check-ups, but when she was 16 weeks pregnant, she had an ultrasound. She was informed by the doctors about Dorothea’s condition that her heart was a defect. When I heard that, I was shocked, I no longer believed what I heard. Know that your child has no chance of survival without the intervention and help of professionals. Zofia 40 years old and her husband Rob did not give up because of that, hhojkhoong stopped seeking help from doctors and nurses around the world. With a glimmer of hope that did not give up, they wanted to give life back to their little child.

The couple discovered a surgeon in the UK who was treating patients with similar issues to their daughter for free through a fortuitous contact on social media. But when their daughter Dorothea was born, she was in such bad shape that the hospital had to postpone a procedure because of her state of health. The doctors eventually consented to do the procedure with the aid of a human rights attorney. The Royal Brompton Hospital in South West London hosted the wedding ceremony after providing care for Dorothea in a number of facilities.

The condition of her heart meant that the left part of her heart was missing and that was the part that did all the work, the right part. We were told she couldn’t survive and the surgery was very expensive, the surgery if done would be very complicated. When reconnecting the top of the heart, letting it do the work of the left side is too risky. But it’s cruel, if my wife and I give up and don’t do it, our little girl will leave. She has a right to live and to live, Dorothea is a miracle gift we were given, so we didn’t want her to leave like that.

My wife and I have tried to contact the surgeon, and he is in london, just 45 miles from us. When receiving the news, Dr. Guido Michielon immediately replied to Rob and Zofia, what could be happier than when he accepted and agreed to perform surgery when my baby was born. At 37 weeks gestation on July 7, Dorothea was born and weighed 6lb. The little girl was born with a 12-hour operation and was performed by surgeon Guido Michielon

When she was told she was alright after the operation, Rod said: “We were phoned. For our little girl, we won’t give up. In order to give her condition time to settle, she will remain in the intensive care unit for a while. On the other hand, she was moved to a superior facility on August 30 for better care.

Dorothea will now stay in the hospital until she prepares for her next surgery at six months old, when her heart is bigger than it was at birth. After the second surgery, she was able to go home with her parents. When she is three years old she will have one more final surgery that will bring her to adulthood and adulthood. Dorothea is a miracle, and a success for the development of the medical industry. It is all the love that her parents have given her since she was not born.

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