Defying The Odds And Conquering Gymnastics At 8 Years Old, Born Without Both Legs

How frequently do we decide to join a sport but then come up with a gazillion reasons why we can’t, particularly citing our hectic schedules? But little Paige from Ohio shows everyone that anything is possible if you have the desire.

Born without both legs, the girl. Despite this, she never allowed it to discourage her and instead worked hard to show others around her that she was just like them.

When Paige first watched gymnastics contests on television, she fell head over heels for the activity.

Her parents consented when she requested to sign up for that gymnastics class. The girl was so motivated after the first lesson that she lost the ability to picture life without gymnastics.

She eventually started to produce such amazing results that, at the age of just 8, she was chosen for the Ohio gymnastics team. Paige is incredibly passionate about cheering and archery in addition to everything else.

Even though she is still a young child, she already thinks about competing in future Paralympics.

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