Couple Who Adopted Triplets Became Pregnant With Twins After Thinking They Could Not Have A Baby

A couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went from zero to five in less than a year after they adopted three children, giving birth to triplets and twins. After struggling to conceive, Sarah and Andy Justice went to a specialist who told them that IVF would cost them up to $60,000 and that they still had only a 10% chance of getting pregnant.

After a challenging period, they were matched with a soon-to-be mother after deciding to adopt. However, the doctor was surprised to learn that three babies were actually born when Sarah accompanied her biological mother for an ultrasound. Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were still in neonatal critical care nine months after their healthy but preterm births, and this was Sarah and Andy’s second surprise. Sarah had a baby. When Sarah had an ultrasound two months later to determine the gender of the newborn, she called Andy.

No, we were actually very content. Did we briefly panic? No doubt. However, we were overjoyed. Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, the triplets, were still being cared for in a neonatal critical care unit nine months after their healthy but early birth. While Sarah was carrying Abigail, Andrew was healthy and arrived at over 8 weeks’ gestation. Sarah claimed they wouldn’t give up their triplets even if they were certain they would have biological children.

Sarah affirmed that they would never give up on their triplets, even if they were certain they would give birth to a biological kid. Maybe it’s all connected,” he suggested. Even though they claimed they didn’t sit down much and didn’t get enough sleep, this family received a lot of assistance from their supportive neighborhood.

And they say babies go through 40 to 50 diapers a day or 300 a week but they’ve all been donated so far.

“We were very, very lucky,” Andy said.

Sarah and Andy, pictured after giving birth to triplets, learned they were pregnant while the newborns were still in the neonatal room

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