Couple Want ‘More Than 100 Children’, So Far They Have 11, With 10 From Surrogate Mothers

Russian mother Christina Ozturk, 23, already has 11 children of her own and intends to use surrogacy to have many more. The young mother is so devoted to her family—despite being covered head to toe in blankets—that she and her businessman husband Galip Ozturk, 56, are prepared to spend up to £800,000 on surrogacy in order to have 100 children. “I have 10 kids right now, including the newest one, Olivia, who was born late last month,” Christina told Newsflash reporters. My oldest daughter, Vika, was born six years ago. The remaining kids are genetically ours, but surrogate women brought them into the world, according to my spouse.

It was disclosed on the rich couple’s social media pages that they had previously discussed having 105 children, but this is only a hunch. The child-obsessed woman continued, “I don’t know how many there will be in the end, but we have no intention of stopping at ten.” We are not yet prepared to talk about the final figures. There is a time for everything. The mother must have 12 puppies every year for the following seven years in order to have her desired offspring before the age of thirty. The family resides in Batumi, a Georgian coastal city where the use of surrogate mothers for conception is legal. The average cost of a surrogate mother is 8,000 euros. Christina, who is a single mother, was on vacation in a seaside town when she met Galip, her current husband, a Turkish transport and real estate tycoon.

And, after 10 births to date, the couple has a scientific track record. Surrogates carrying Christina and Galip’s biological children need legal advice and documentation. Christina said: “The clinic in Batumi selects surrogate mothers for us and oversees the whole process. “To avoid problems after pregnancy, we do not know the surrogate mothers personally and do not have direct contact with them.”

Christina, on the other hand, wants to regulate what people eat and gives surrogates access to diet and nutrition plans. If there were no financial restrictions, the couple could fulfill their dream of building the biggest family in the world, but even if they used five surrogates annually, it would still take them more than 20 years to get there. surname. Based on their ambitious plans for additional children in the future, the Ozturks could need to start building one or two additions. With 22 children and six grandchildren, the Radfords of Lancashire are the largest family in the United Kingdom.

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