British Couple Stuck In US Facing huge Medical Bills With Premature Baby Fighting For Life Finally Return Home

Fighting is in good spirits after returning home with their healthy daughter after being stuck in the US with their premature newborn. Yeridiana Chazares and Louis Borrill traveled to Baltimore to attend a surprise baby shower at her family’s home, but they chose to visit the hospital when she awoke the following morning with what appeared to be a fever. They were thrilled when baby Lily was delivered 1 lb, 11 oz. lighter than expected and four months early than expected (November due date). I even know how I might explain that 24-hour period, Louis added.

We messed around while attempting to figure out what to do, and it was clear that we were both really anxious. Although we were aware that our baby may arrive at any moment, we had to maintain our composure. Three months earlier than we anticipated, our lovely Lily decided she’d waited long enough and flew to the United States two days after finishing her shower. Due to Lily’s unusual birth, she was unable to breathe on her own and required a breathing tube to be placed in order to survive. Lily must have had a heart attack last week and had to be revived because she hasn’t been able to breathe since. The heart attack may have been cured with medicine by doctors. Lily still has an arterioseptum, which is an artery that newborns have when they are born and are set to be reviewed to determine if she needs further surgery.

She continued: One of her first glimpses of her first child had to be placed in an incubator and watched by medical professionals and specialized surgeons. Contractions occurred, and a c-section does not compare. I beat myself up all day long, believing that if only I had done something different, Lily may have finished her term. According to the doctors, Lily is doing really well, moving around, and hopefully, strengthening. I’m eager to get her home. According to the pair, physicians predicted Lily wouldn’t be “out of her oods” for approximately three to four months, at which point they could discharge her and go back to Scunthorpe. Louis explained: “We didn’t have health insurance because Yeri was expecting and it would have cost about £4,000 , just for those ten days.

I am very proud of my little fighter, she is doing very well right now and I am sure that in the next few months she will continue to do so. I’m so proud of Lily. She handled everything perfectly and it was incredible.” The couple have set up an online go fund me page to help them meet care and hospital bills.

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