Beautiful But Rare Baby Names May Soon Become Extinct

Rare baby names have fallen out of style and are no longer used. On the other side, it can also imply that because these names were so well-liked in the past, parents decided to ignore them. In any case, it’s possible that parents haven’t given these names to even 50 newborns in recent years. There are numerous examples in history if you choose to give your child one of these names. These uncommon baby names on our list below come from various languages, ethnicities, and faiths. They draw inspiration from places, religions, works of literature, movies, or illustrious families. Who can say? If you give your child a unique name, perhaps they’ll make it popular once more.


This neglected name with religious overtones is an attractive naming option. Abbot means ‘father’.


Since brand names are catching on widely, even Armani can be given a second chance. It means ‘freeman’.


Atlas, the name of a Greek God, is generally avoided because it’s thought to be too powerful for a baby boy. Don’t you think it’s unfair?


This energetic and exotic Italian name isn’t much heard in the US. But it should be given a chance for its beautiful aura. Aurelio means ‘the golden one’.


To be honest, the double ee in this name is a turn off. You can pick the original if you have set your heart on this name. Bentlee means ‘meadow with coarse grass’.


Bobo, the variation of Bob, is better used as a nickname than the first name. It means ‘bright fame’.


Casimir, meaning ‘destroyer of peace’, has faced a tough time assimilating outside Poland boundaries.


Cosmo, meaning ‘order and beauty’, would make a cool and creative choice for your baby boy.


This musical name brings to mind the elegant Duke – Edward Kennedy Ellington. Ellington means ‘Ellis’s town’.


Ferris, meaning ‘rock’, was last used 20 years ago. Maybe, it’s time for it to resurrect.


Fraser, meaning ‘strawberry’, is highly popular and used in Scotland. So why can’t it be used in the US as well?


The lisp-y ending of Griffith makes it sound even more amazing. This Welsh name means ‘strong lord’.


Gryffin, a variant of Griffin, is one of the most appealing Celtic baby nam

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