Bay, Weighing Just One Pound, Persevered With The Support Of Cuddles From Twin Brother

Kelly Graves, 32, and Billy Graves, 35, of Benfleet, Essex, claim there is no question that Chester’s style of sex is a result of his close relationship with his twin brother. The relationship between identical twins cannot be broken. One of the twins, Chester Graves, and his sibling, Otis, supported that. Hugs from our brother have helped our 1-kg son to be born and grow up well.

According to mother Kelly, I have no doubt that holding her twin helped her continue to fight. The twins’ first encounter with one another since their September 22 birth was incredibly emotional.Chester was unable to take his eyes off his brother, Otis, even though he was asleep. Everything I had been hoping for was there.

The poignant photos show them standing side by side during family visits in the neonatal unit at the South Hospital, where Chester will likely spend an additional two months.Chester’s health first became obvious to Kelly when she was 16 weeks old and discovered that babies vary in size by 25%, which was a cause for concern. Due to a dіѕeаѕe known as selective restriction in utero, which prevents Chester from receiving critical nutrients from the placenta and ѕtᴜntѕ his growth, the two boys are significantly different in stature. She acknowledged visiting the university һoѕріtаl in London for the actual laser procedure at 19 weeks.

Following the examination, Kelly and Billy were informed that Otis was gaining over 100g each week whereas Chester was still only gaining about 25g. Kelly continued, “I’m always informed by folks that he might not make it through the first barbecue. I’ve come a long way, so I’m trying to boost Chester’s water consumption by around 5 liters per day and eating about 200 grams of protein per day to help him grow.

I tried everything to restore his level and maintain him ft., but nothing about this has shown to be effective. Chester’s status was stable, but Kelly’s water broke at 28 weeks, necessitating a trip to Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge.Otis Graves was born on July 15 to Chester Graves, who was 28 weeks pregnant and weighed one pound, one ounce. Otis was bigger at three pounds, seven ounces.

Kelly continued, “Otis came out first and was hooked in the incubator. The consultant made an effort to speed up Chester’s incubation when they noticed a knot in his string that also stopped his growth when Chester emerged. Otis was discharged from the hospital after six weeks and now weighs 6 pounds, 3 ounces, but little Chester has been struggling since birth and only weighs 3 pounds, six ounces. Despite everything he has been through, he is still eager to return home and spend time with his family, including his parents, Otis, and the rest of his siblings.

We now have Otis at home, and people comment on how wonderful it must be. However, there is also a sense of sadness because we only feel whole when we both have children together, as Kelly said. We continuously work for their well-being and continued presence with us, thus we are ecstatic at what the kids have accomplished. We adore you a lot.

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