Baby Sleep Mistakes You Could Mend

The obligations of a mother increase rapidly after childbirth. As you walk into the nursery, you can instantly smell the baby towels and blankets. You almost completely overlook your baby’s sleep cycle because you are so preoccupied with feedings, diaper changes, and sleeping arrangements. Following are some infant sleep mistakes new mothers might make and solutions:

1.Newborns only need to stay awake for about 30 minutes after each feeding

When it comes to babies, most of us know that newborns only eat and sleep. It’s true and babies need lots of sleep to grow up healthy. Thirty or forty minutes is just the amount of time they can stay awake between each session. Some babies can get up even for an hour. But even if your baby seems happy to wake up for a longer time than you think, you should still let him sleep more often. Otherwise, the baby may be tired, and the exhausted baby may make it difficult for you to sleep at night. You can have some happy sleeping times for the first few months this way.

2.Don’t keep your child awake for too long during the day

When the child stays awake for too long, it will make it difficult for the child to fall back to sleep, at that time the child is tired and wants to sleep but cannot sleep. At that time, it affects not only the child, but also you when you rest. Don’t even imagine or commit to a party when thinking about the tired-you-sleep theory, you won’t get away. Because of that, your activities are also disturbed and not on time.

3.Worried about sleep

Thoughts begin to appear in you, why your child can’t sleep, or where he is in pain. Arguing forever without answers, makes you tired and stressed. Leads to health and mental effects when you care for your child.

4.Do not abuse sleep aids

When supporting devices help you feel easier to put your baby to sleep such as pacifiers, swaddles, hammocks, swings, etc., but you do not expect that these things are easy to create habits for children. Without those things, by default, the child will not be able to sleep. Only use them when absolutely necessary, so that your baby can sleep naturally according to his body.


All mothers understand the pressure when raising children, children are not good or not gain weight. Then by default, they will compare, why are other babies so good and their children are like that. Stop thinking, you are unknowingly putting pressure on yourself and your child. You will find it heavy and stressful.

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