7 Awesome Pictures Of Fathers Meeting Their Baby For The First Time

It is impossible to describe the intensity of feeling you go through when you first meet your child; you simultaneously feel love, relief, dread, and delight. The euphoric and overwhelming feeling of childbirth is nearly impossible to express in words, but photographs of fathers greeting their babies for the first time do the trick. To really comprehend the precious father-son relationship, you must witness it. These photos, many of which were entered in the 2019 Birth Becomes Her Photo Contest, show the deep and beautiful tie that develops between father and kid as soon as the baby enters their lives. This provides visual proof of the connection when words are unable to convey it.

Alyssa Kapnik Samuel’s photograph of a new parent holding his child while trying to smile broadly depicts the situation. A new father’s unbridled joy can be contagious. it.

As captured by Lisa Lord of Lilo Photography, the hospital staff quickly placed this newborn on his mother’s bosom while his father gazed lovingly into his child’s eyes. It’s a joyful image of a family coming together, and the father’s tenderness is obvious.

In this photo also captured by Lisa Lord, a father watches over his son as he gets an oxygen treatment just after his birth. Dad wants to be with his little one while doctors treat him, staying by his side as he adjusts to the world.

A father looks at his child while his partner holds his new baby only seconds after they brought him or her into the world in this photograph by Ashley of Hello BéBé Full Spectrum Birth Services. The dad leans in towards his family with a face that appears to be on the verge of tears, and the entire picture shows how devoted this couple is to their unborn child.

Just moments after the baby was born, Lisa Lord captured this adorable picture, which shows a private moment between a father and son. While hospital professionals cleans up his wounds, Dad tenderly kisses his baby’s fingers and shows him the highest attention. Father and son are looking at one another with love streaming between them.

A father cheers as his partner gives birth to their child in this picture captured by Kayla Gonzales of Austin Birth Photos. He is staring at the newborn with his mouth open in joy and awe, his arms outstretched as if attempting to find room in the world for his child, and his eyes fixed on the child.

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