An 18-Year-Old Lifeguard Assists In Childbirth On Pool Deck

At a YMCA pool in Longmont, Colorado, an 18-year-old lifeguard assisted a couple in giving birth. It was the first time Natalie Lucas, a lifeguard for the past three years, had to assist in bringing life into the world as opposed to only averting death. “I’ve only ever witnessed childbirth on TV and in movies; I’ve never experienced it firsthand. Colorado’s Longmont resident Lucas said. “This family is experiencing something brand-new and beautiful. That’s fantastic, but it’s also ridiculous.

Around 10:30 a.m., Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones showed up at the pool. Rider experienced excruciating pain that only subsided while she was in the water, according to Jones, who claimed the baby was positioned in such a way as to press on her nerves and hips. After getting in the water, Rider started to calmly float on a swimming buoy. She announced she had to leave the pool a short while later because she was in labor. She responded, “We need to go,” as she stared at me, according to Jones, 29, of Longmont, Colorado. Tessa was barely a couple or three feet away from the railing when she exited the pool. It was evident that she was in pain since she was moving on all fours also in the middle of a contraction.” Jones thought he was going to take their stuff and drive to the hospital, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. Lucas sees Rider “crawling out of the pool” and wonders if she’s okay.

The lifeguard initially believed that Rider’s discomfort was related to her pregnancy. I thought, “This doesn’t look good. She remarked, “Let me go over and check what’s going on.” When I approached them, they announced that they were expecting a child. She quickly grabbed her emergency bag and towel and asked for assistance after “her adrenaline kicked on,” according to Lucas. One made a 911 call. In order to support her and ensure her comfort, I started attempting to help in every way I could, Lucas said. “They are both quite composed, which is helpful because I’m a little shaky. But I am aware that I must support them and be there for them in whatever way I can because I am a lifesaver.

The baby’s head will be visible in a matter of seconds, according to Jones. “When the baby is born, both the baby’s body and the amniotic fluid emerge from the amniotic fluid. Rider, 29, “shakes and seems to be in pain. “The infant they named Tobin, or Toby for short, stayed attached since she didn’t have a placenta. In order to help Rider, who is “shaking and shocked,” Lucas depends on her senses. I tried to assist in any way I could, Lucas recalled, adding that there was a comical picture of him sitting with his back to her so she could climb up on top of him for support and to help her unwind and calm down.

Jones is appreciative that Lucas stepped in to assist his wife. He explained, “Natalie focused her care and attention on my wife so I could focus my care and attention on my baby. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to pay attention to Toby and ensure his safety. When Jones was unable to speak with 911 personnel, Lucas intervened and Toby started crying. We’re checking the baby’s respiration while on the phone with the dispatcher, she said. “We had to make sure his chest moved up and down… To ensure that his airway was not closed and that he had a clear path for breathing, I had to clean his mouth.

Before 11 a.m., paramedics delivered the baby, cut the umbilical cord, and transported the mother and child to the hospital. Toby is in excellent condition, and both of them are healthy. She was the coolest baby I’ve ever had, Jones claimed, in contrast to the circumstances of her birth.

Lucas believes that giving birth is a natural part of her lifeguarding duties. She added, “You have to be ready for anything.” “Most of the time, you sit around and observe people, but occasionally, you have to get ready.” Jones and Rider are appreciative of everything Lucas has accomplished. Nothing is more intimate and heartwarming than having someone there to support you as you welcome a child into the world.

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