Amazing Birth Photos Show Baby Covered In Vernix

Thinking about having professional birth photos taken but not sure it’s right for you? Birth photographer Olena Shevchuk reckons you won’t regret it.

Did you hire a wedding photographer? The majority of individuals will spend numerous hours hunting for the perfect one, followed by a modest money on the images. Although no one ever regrets photographing their special day, how often have you gone over your wedding album?

“I can guarantee you will look at your baby’s first photos a hundred times more, and it will bring a wave of warmth into your heart and the sweet memories of your precious one’s birth will come flooding back.”

If you’re still not convinced, just look at the beautiful photos Olena took of a baby’s caesarean birth and early days at home:

She’s captured so many brilliant details that a new mum might otherwise forget – like the amount of vernix (a greasy white substance that protects the skin from amniotic fluid) this baby was still covered in when he was born!

Vernix is a magical creation, nature gets it right yet again. Vernix protects your baby’s skin, as a natural moisturiser, whilst in the womb.

When your baby is born, they may or may not be born covered in vernix – if you have a longer pregnancy, there tends to be less vernix, but that is a massive generalisation.

The important thing to know about vernix is it is there for a reason. A baby’s skin is super sensitive and can dry out very easily. If your baby is born with vernix, don’t wipe it off! Let it sit, or gently rub it in.

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