AGAINST ALL ODDS Mum Defies Doctors Who Told Her To Terminate Two Of Her Quads And Gives Birth To Four Healthy Babies

Although New Zealander Kendall MacDonald is already a mother to Brooklyn, age three, she and her husband Josh have always yearned for more children. For polycystic ovarian syndrome patient Kendall, 27, becoming pregnant for the first time was a “surprise.” She remarked, “I don’t ovulate regularly due to polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, which makes it difficult for me to conceive.” began trying when Brooklyn was two months old; over the following years, they tried once more but were unsuccessful; Kendall miscarried.

In addition to PCOS, Kendall also suffers from toxic shock syndrome, which developed after a fragment of the placenta persisted inside her after Brooklyn was delivered and left her uterus scarred. They sought the assistance of the ovulation-aid medication Clomifene after being told that many of these factors would make getting pregnant challenging. When they learned Kendall was pregnant after the second attempt, they were overjoyed. She told Femail, “It doesn’t usually happen that fast for people, but it’s obvious that that elevated dose produced a lot of eggs.”

The couple were overjoyed when early ultrasound results showed a healthy heart rate, but they weren’t prepared for what came next. At week nine, a second scan showed up, and a third scan showed two more heartbeats.

“We had one baby, then two, then three, then four,” Kendall said. It was a huge shock.”

They added that it was a big shock because their family didn’t have many children and they never thought they would be pregnant with four children. But as reality sinks in, Kendall is told she needs to make a tough choice. At 12 weeks, the expectant mother was told that there was a chance that none of her children would survive, and she was advised to abort the two fetuses to increase the chances of survival for the other pair.

They noted that having four children was a major surprise because their family didn’t have many kids and they never anticipated becoming pregnant. However, as reality sets in, Kendall is informed that she must make a difficult decision. The expectant mother was recommended to abort the two babies to improve the chances of survival for the other pair at 12 weeks after being informed that there was a risk none of her children would survive. With this knowledge, Kendall and Josh made the decision to raise all of their kids. The pair relocated closer to the hospital as a precaution after learning that she needed to survive for 28 weeks in order for them to have a chance to fight.

Kendall said: ‘I was told that if I went into labor before 28 weeks, the baby would not survive. So the first goal is to reach 25 weeks, with the final goal being 28 weeks.

“We are advised not to buy any baby items or buy too much because there are too many risks.”

At 28 weeks and 4 days, Kendall went into labor and all four babies were born by caesarean section last August. Weighing between 2.57 lbs and 2.88 lbs, Molly, Hudson, Indie and Quinn were taken to intensive care. Quads are the first people born in New Zealand in 20 years. Larger than expected, the newborns were hooked up to a breathing tube, and after seven long weeks they could be held and cuddled, and at 12 weeks the quadrilaterals were home.

Now she says she feels like a real 5-year-old mom as the quadrilaterals near their seven-month mark. The family have set up a GiveaLittle page to help with the cost of raising five children under the age of four, Kendall said: “I can’t believe we’re on the other side of it and four healthy kids and they’re all Miracles.”

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