29-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth In Her Car By The Side Of The Road

Every mother wants her child to be born in the best conditions, but sometimes the little angels appear without any rules. And so you greet the outside world in your own way. A mother gave birth in her pickup truck on the side of the road after she went into early labor while on her way to a doctor’s appointment at the hospital.

Pimpapha Kudthed, 29, is the same as every antenatal visit. Today she has an appointment with the doctor to check on the health of mother and fetus. But a special thing different from usual, this time on the way she saw mihf with strange expressions. Short sores and mounds begin to appear along the way. She then pulled over to the side of the road when she felt severe pain and realized her baby couldn’t wait and that she wanted to get out.

Luckily she was able to contact the hospital, and they showed up in time. The paramedic delivered Pimpapha Kudthed’s birth after she went into labor on her way to her hospital appointment in the very car she was traveling in. Fortunately, both mother and baby are safe and healthy. Besides her mother at this time, there is not only support from medical staff, but also an older daughter. Stay behind mom and sister throughout the process.

Amazing photos show the moment paramedics help deliver a healthy baby, watched by Pimpapha’s curious daughter looking down from the back of the car. The mother and daughter were then taken to a nearby hospital in Hua Hin. Pimpapha said: “I was driving to my doctor’s appointment when my stomach started to hurt very badly. I pulled over and then realized I was pregnant. Thankfully the organization came to me and delivered me. in the car. I am very grateful for their help. And very happy for his unexpected arrival.”

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