20 Unusual And Weird Baby Girl Names You Have Never Heard Of

Parents want to give their infant girls unusual names. Yet, some go too far and wind up giving their daughters strange and unique names. An unique name can have a big effect on a person’s identity and potentially hinder their lives. To avoid making the same mistake again, it would be wise to research some of the strangest baby girl names before giving your tiny bundle of joy a name.


That looks like an interesting name, doesn’t it? Look closely – That’s the reverse way to spell heaven! It may be difficult to accept, but Neveah is a very popular baby girl name these days


Okay, so somebody is a water person and loves the ocean. Is that a good enough reason to name their daughter Oceana? You be the judge.


We all agree that a little girl is daddy’s princess. But that does not mean you should name her a fancier form of Empress!

4.Price Or Pryce

We have no words to describe or analyze this name. As a second name, it still makes some sense, but as a first name? Not a good idea.


That’s ‘a million’, without any spaces. Yes, your child is one in a million, but that does not make this name a good choice.


Why would anybody want their innocent daughter to be called Desire? But there are about 86 little girls with this very name wondering what their parents were thinking.


More than weird, Delicia as a name sounds gross! Little girls are innocent, wonderful, playful, but never delicious. They are not food!


Does this name ring a bell? Well, it is a medicine to treat seasonal allergies. How and when it became a good idea for a name, we’ll never know.


Another one in the weird baby girl names category. Why, just why would anyone name his or her daughter after a vegetable? Maybe in the hope that she will grow up to be healthy!


Everyone wants a unique name for their daughter, and we can understand that sentiment. But the logic behind naming a baby ‘Unique’ is beyond our comprehension. This one is again a weird girl name!


We all want our kids to be marvelous in everything they do. That still doesn’t make Marvelous a name. It is a trait. The weird girls names just get interesting as we go on!


This weird girl name is extremely unusual. Nature can play muse for names. That still doesn’t make Canyon a good idea for a baby name.

13.Moxie Crimefighter

Celebrities can get away with giving their kids obnoxiously stupid names. Penn Jillette and Emily Zolten thought it was a good idea, so we’ll go along with them.


What’s wrong with good old Sophie? Guess the parents thought adding ‘philo’ will make the name unique!


If you have to name your baby after a trait, at least find something positive. A name like Envie is the surest way to bullying.


Maybe someone from Sierra Leone wanted to stay in touch with his or her roots. But we still don’t think this is a good name for a little girl.


Here’s a name gleaned from the U.S. Social Security Administration baby name records. So, if you thought all these names were just figment of our imagination, you were wrong!


We are sure the parents in question are hoping their daughter will grow up to be as happy as a Disney princess!

19.Heaven Love’on

A celebrity gets a free pass to name their baby something ‘creative’ or so they think. R&B singer, Lil’ Mo, made the most of her


Nivea is a great brand. But as a name it sure falls flat.

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