12 Of The Most Oddly Shaped Baby Bumps

First of all, oddity is in the eye of the beholder, right? Or something like that? And so we proceed in this pursuit with that much in mind. It is not about criticizing. Oh, no. It’s about celebrating.

The bump is a glorious thing. Sometimes it has tiger stripes. Sometimes it doesn’t. It occasionally protrudes like a gigantic mountain from a tiny frame. Even up to week 40 of pregnancy, it can be challenging to discern when a woman is expecting.

Different women have different body types and their baby bumps are different too. Some women get very big bumps while other women’s bellies don’t grow much.

Check out 15 of the most oddly shaped baby bumps:

#1 When Your Unborn Baby Is Training In Karate (And It’s Captured On Camera)

The perfect outline is quite surreal… That tiny foot is frequently kept in ceramic form or imprinted on paper provided by hospitals. Man, I saw bulging butts and elbows protruding from my tum, but never anything this clear! Amazing!

#2 The Sagging Bulb

Now we’re really getting into it, folks. I have never (in person, nor throughout my pregnancies) seen anything quite like this.

#3 Let’s Get Right To The Point

#4 Perky And Pointed For This Petite Princess

#5 Stabbin’ And Jabbin’

Um, okay, I’m just gonna say it: She looks uncomfortable. I’m not exactly sure if this was taken while she was actually in labor or if she was just at that all-too-familiar “I can’t even breathe anymore” stage of late pregnancy, but she looks like she’s kinda done. Over it. Ready to ditch this cray bump already.

#6 Wait A GD Minute…

What happened to her after the babies were born? How many are in there? How is she even able to stand up and take this selfie, for the love of everything that is gravity? There are a ton of inquiries.

#7 Triplets Caused This

This mom’s shots of her triplet bump became pretty widely circulated, and it’s easy to see why. That thing is stretched beyond belief.

#8 Just Popping Up To Say Hello

I would get these little jabbers all the time when I was with child, as they say. A booty or, more likely, an elbow would simply sort of jab out. Just wait until you feel it sticking out from inside you if you find it interesting to see anything like this. Trippiest. Thing. Ever.

#9 POP! Goes The Woman

This is an impressive bump. What I find even more striking is that with her skinny legs and bottom, she seems to still have enough of her pre-pregnancy physique to be donning her pre-pregnancy panties.

#10 It’s Big, It’s Bulging… It’s Glorious

The angle on this shot says EVERYTHING. It’s not even shown in profile, just at the slightest angle, and this thing is clearly bulbous, drooping slightly, and MASSIVE. The fact that this bump is rocked with hotpants in an apparent mirror selfie makes it even better. Here’s to the bump! May it grow healthily and produce a happy baby!

#11 Looking Melancholy

When you search “weird baby bump” online, this poor woman’s photo comes up.

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