10 Powerful and Peaceful Waterbirth Photos

Naturally, many mothers are interested in learning more about natural childbirth, and when they do, they frequently receive the remark, “Why would anyone want to go natural?” Other ladies are terrified of their experiences because of the fear of the anguish that so many people have recounted. Water birth refers to giving birth in a warm water pool, and hydrotherapy is the use of water during labor. The infant is thought to have a peaceful birth experience, and the patient can receive exceptional pain relief.

You feel lighter and can move into more comfortable positions for the last stages or stay more upright, giving you the advantage of working with gravity as your baby is born thanks to the buoyancy of the water. Also, a dimly lit delivery room and pool may feel more private than a bright labor ward, promoting further relaxation. The photographs that depict water births are moving and stunning, regardless of what part of the birth story you choose to document. We’ve gathered some amazing water birth images that reflect the serenity of the birthing process, the strength of a woman, and the magic of the newborn’s first few minutes.

It’s amazing that the more advanced we get the more it all points to returning to what our earliest ancestors knew. Be it nutrition, community, ritual, initiation, the sanctity of life and death, it’s the same narrative. I see over and over that mostly I am needed for the prenatal time: building community and establishing trust, this often blossoms into love. Then at a birth I can clean and support her in any way necessary, as women have done for each other since the beginning of time here. This military couple has quite the birthing journey and I can’t wait for her to share! After hospital and birth center experiences, she has perspective.

We are so honoured to see these beautiful photos you tag us in. I know we don’t share every single one, but we look at them all and shed tears with you.

“What a difference one year makes! One year ago today, my little one was born at Alma with an incredible team including Laura, Taylor, Christina and my doula Saralyn – greatest day of my life!”

This is the complete moment! From mom’s reaction of pure shock and power to Dad’s tearful smile full of pride and adoration. The moment they connect and see each other is like a beautiful explosion, the whole world is still and they have just witnessed a miracle again!

Who’s catching the baby? Yeah that’s a choice you can make, yes even for a caesarean. I loved bringing my babies up to my chest when they were born, it was me who carried them, birthed them, and I wanted to be the first hands on their skin earth side. Think about who you want to do this, is it you?

So many women are now deciding to have a water birth at home. Take a look at our highlight ‘Birth pools’ to check out some tips from other women who have had a water birth at home, Once you have your pool, there’s a few tips we have for having a water birth at home

We’ll never get over those “holy shit I did it!” faces that so often come along with giving birth!

That first moment is everything. It’s when your life changes forever.

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